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Vietnamese culinary competition in the eyes of the States media

Monday, 01/23/2017 12:02
Another leg of Taste Quest had passed; the 4th edition of The Golden Spoon Awards had come to an end but the influence that it left behind is still wide and deep.

The New York Times International edition has published an article introducing the 4th champion of The Golden Spoon and his consistent steps to aim the dream target. Chef Le Vo Anh Duy and his colleagues – chef Le Thi Vi and chef Nguyen Minh Tri – had participated in the very first  edition of the competition. They are all young, motivated, and passionate with the culinary career path. Four consecutive years of trying, competing, learning, and trying again finally paid off with the noble prize –The Golden Spoon Awards 2016 championship title , in a national culinary competition with the most professional and reliable judges in Viet Nam.

A screenshot of the article on The New York Times online.

Media outlets also channeled their attention to Mr. Eckart Witzigmann, the reputable “Chef of the Century” and three-time Michelin star winner, who agreed to be one of professional judges during the final round on Dec 06th 2016. The great chef was totally impressed by creativity and innovative approaches of Vietnamese young talents. Not only did he share his experiences to The Golden Spoon candidates, but also friendly talked about his own joy of staying creative in cooking and tasting, which really inspired young potential generations.

Chefs should always search for inspiration in their own roots and history. This is the only way to get your own identity as a cook or as a cooking nation”, he said.

Dubbed “Hometown Flavors – Vietnam Taste Quest,” the Golden Spoon Awards are organized by leading Vietnamese ceramics maker Minh Long I Co. Ltd. The latest edition attracted 312 chefs from over 100 local hotels, restaurants and resorts who had to prepare more than 600 dishes throughout the three rounds of the six-month-long competition.

The contest aims to discover, preserve and promote traditional dishes that embody regional culture besides honoring professional chefs who research into nutrition and introduce Vietnamese specialties and healthy dishes,” said Ly Huy Sang, deputy general director of Minh Long 1.

The interactive food map which features abundant delicious recommendations nationwide.

After four years, the organizing committee has been successfully building a culinary map, basing on what candidate brought to the competition. The map includes Northwest, Red River Delta, Central Coast, Central Highlands, Southeast, and Mekong River Delta with specific must-try dishes and places to check out.

Vietnamese tourism and cuisine shall thrive with those huge chances to introduce Vietnamese culture to the world.

By Thu Pham

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