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Preliminaries for Southern Region:

20 Southern Teams reach semi-final round of The Golden Spoon Award 2016

Wednesday, 06/15/2016 13:18
Southern professional chefs shined and subdued picky judges by tropical features of the southwest.

Within 3 days, from June 7th – 10th, The Golden Spoon Awards 2016 started with topic “Journey of Vietnamese Spices”. There were 41 units, 124 chefs, from Mekong delta area, Ho Chi Minh city, and South-east region.

Honor to be the starters of The Golden Spoon Award this year, on June 7th, 27 chefs from Mekong delta area performed their best with the most exclusive specialties, such as shark catfish, Muscovy duck, horn-eyed ghost crab, Xiem coconut, and young root of water hyacinth. New spices are intentionally found and transformed into delicious and nice-looking dishes.

The first 4 tickets into semi-final round belong to Thang Loi 1 Restaurant (First prize), La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc (2nd place), Nhi Inn (2nd place), and Hoa Binh 1 Hotel & Restaurant (Second prize).

Winners in South-east region.

On September 6th, the competition of chefs from Ho Chi Minh city was more excited with more participants, especially chefs from 4 and 5-star hotels. Dishes were flexibly created from traditional, European style to fusion style. Chefs used many new ingredients, such as begonia leaves, tram fruits, Indian long pepper, dit leaves, bui leaves, cach leaves, may fruits, noni fruits, cactus fruits, and quach fruits to renew familiar dishes. Many spices had been used in last seasons but they were researched and reused this year. After evaluating and negotiating, judge council decided to chose 9 excellent teams as below: Thien Huong restaurant – Team No. 23, Binh Quoi 1 Resort – Team No. 16 (First prize); Binh Quoi Village – Team No. 28, Kobe Teppanyak Restaurant – Team No. 14, Des Arts Sai Gon restaurant – Team No. 21, Binh Quoi 2 resort – Team No. 20, Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel - Team No. 24, Kim Do Hotel - Team No. 25, Team Tam Ltd., Company – Team No. 10 (Second prize).

Excellent representatives from Ho Chi Minh city got their prizes (2 first prizes and 7 second prizes).

The last day of Southern preliminary on September 10th was for southeast region. 40 chefs of 13 units from Binh Thuan, Vung Tau, Binh Duong, and Tay Ninh province performed their best cooking talents. The 1st prize belonged to Palace Vung Tau Hotel (Team No. 34). The 2nd prizes were Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa (Team No. 35), Dong Nai Hotel (Team No. 36), Tre Xanh Dong Nai Club (Team No. 38), An Lam Saigon River resort Binh Duong (Team No. 41), Dessole Sea Lion Beach Resort Mui Ne Binh Thuan (Team No. 30), and Sea Links City Company (Team No. 31).

7 southeast representatives at the Southern preliminary awards.

Judge David Thai did enjoy new spices and gave comments, “The contest 2016 started with many astonishing spices. I’m impressed by delicate, luxurious, and classic display. Being in this contest is a way to perform their ability, to be respected, and to have a chance to create their own exclusive products.”

The first journey of The Golden Spoon Contest 2016 was closed at the southern preliminary. Besides all delicious and healthy dishes of passionate, progressive chefs, the contest has earned many new contributions for material-repository and spice-map.

By The Golden Spoon Award

List of 20 Southern Teams Reach Semi-final Round







Can Tho

Nhi – garden inn

2nd prize

1. Rare beef and Moringa leaves sald

2. Snakehead fish in vinegar, served with wild mustard

3. Baked Muscovy duck, served with banh tam se

4. Apricot leaf roll, served with coconut milk


An Giang

Thang Loi 1 restaurant

1st prize

1. Squid in mango sauce

2. Steamed shrimps with Dui leaves

3. Pork rib in wine and carao sauce, served with bread

4. Pomelo dessert


Kien Giang

La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

2nd prize

1. Royal Giant Blue Crabs

2. Sturgeon fish roll with cilantro

3. Stewed chicken with Phu Quoc green pepper, served with fresh egg noodles

4. Mulberry cheesecake


An Giang

Hoa Binh 1 restaurant & hotel An Giang

2nd prize

1. Big taro soup & salted egg yolk wrapped taro

2. Grilled wild Lang fish with Chuc leaves

3. Stewed beef, chicken, and Ruellia Tuberosa L. root, served with Ruellia Tuberosa leaves

4. Carao seeds dessert


HCM city

Tam Tam company

2nd prize

1. Grilled Giant River Prawn and orange skin salad

2. Eel rolled Lot leaves with cactus fruit sauce

3. Beef with young jackfruit, served with bread

4. Binh bat and longan dessert


Ho Chi Minh city

Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant

2nd prize

1. Tiger Prawn rolled in Rice Sheet

2. Scallop in shrimp soup, served with seaweed noodles

2. Sauté black-hair beef, served with sweet rice cake

4. Lychee mousse ice cream


Ho Chi Minh city

Binh Quoi 1 resort

1st prize

1. Rice noodle, veal, and ha thao roll, served with tram fruits and pepper sauce. Queen Snails wrapped in bui leaves, served with lemongrass fish sauce

2. Mantis Shrimp in cay sung sauce, served with lim kim leaves and young coconut top salad

3. Chicken with sam leaves and may fruits, served with fresh rice noddle

4. Fairy wing taro cake filled lotus seed and durian paste


Ho Chi Minh city

Binh Quoi 2 resort

2nd prize

1. Cu Chi veal rolled with wild vegetables

2. Lotus pincers on sugar-apple leaves

3. Rice-field chicken cooked tamarind tips

4. Tamarind seed dessert


Ho Chi Minh city

Des Arts Sai Gon restaurant

2nd prize

1. Pomelo and shrimp salad with silver ear fungus

2. Homemade steamed barramundi, served with fresh rice noodle and spice vegetables

3. BBQ Pork ribs in Thai Nguyen plum sauce, served with sweet rice and apricot juice

4. Vietnamese colorful sweet rice cake


Ho Chi Minh city

Thien Huong restaurant

1st prize

1. Beef rolled in rice sheet, dried shrimps, begonia leaves, and steamed frog paste in cach leaves

2. Seafood soup, grilled sweet rice & young corn

3. Grilled mac khen seasoned duck breast, doi seed wrapped in purple sweet rice with quach fruit sauce

4. Fermented black sweet rice pudding


Ho Chi Minh city

Park Hyatt Saigon hotel

2nd prize

1. Mango salad with fresh giant prawn, crushed avocado, pomelo, cashew nuts, and fried shrimp cake, served with spicy fish sauce

2. Pineapple sour soup, red grouper, fried soft-shell crabs, fresh rice noodles, and cilantro

3. Sauté beef fillet, red rice, mushroom, crushed corn, and penny worth leaves in peanut-lemongrass sauce

4. Guava and green bean dessert with coconut milk, fruit salad


Ho Chi Minh city

Kim Do hotel

2nd prize

1. Nanh-heo fish and young tamarind salad, deep fried tamarind rolls

2. Grilled beef in young tamarind sauce, served with bean tips

3. Homemade eel and fish rolls stuffed tamarind, served with fresh rice noodles

4. Tamarind seed dessert


Ho Chi Minh city

Binh Quoi village

2nd prize

1. Water chestnut tips and giant river prawn salad, scallop paste with sake fruit

2. Red grouper rolled in lotus leaves with guava sauce, served with triple color sweet rice

3. Ninh Thuan lamp curry

4. Orange jelly


Binh Thuan

Dessole Sea Lion Beach Resort Mui Ne

2nd prize

1. Gỏi củ hủ dừa - xoài - thịt dông

2. Súp hải sản - thanh long ruột đỏ

3. Thịt lươn cuộn tiêu xanh chiên giòn

4. Thạch tam vị (sắc)


Binh Thuan

Sea Links City company

2nd prize

1. Bee nest salad and wild vegetables
2. Mudskippers in pork fat
3. Eastern newt
4. 5 color dragon fruit dessert


Vung Tau

Palace Vung Tau hotel

1st prize

1. Fried jelly roll with lime hint, Ngu bean salad, frog thighs in xuong xong sauce

2. Grouper fillet cooked with bua fruit, grain, and so dua flowers

3. Chicken stuffed xuong xong leaves in fresh curry sauce, served with curry rice

4. Lotus seed and eggfruit in sweet rice dessert


Vung Tau

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa

2nd prize

1. Ho Tram duc fish salad

2. Rice-field crabs paste

3. Chicken in bloom

4. Leave cake in durian sauce


Dong Nai

Dong Nai hotel

2nd prize

1. Pomelo salad and ribs in strawberry sauce

2. Giant rive prawn and sake fruit in green curry, served with bread

3. Homemade frog hot pot, served with fresh rice

4. Moringa pudding


Dong Nai

Tre Xanh club

2nd prize

1. Squid teeth salad and wild flowers

2. Grilled barramundi with tan vegetables in mint sauce

3. Stewed chicken

4. Rambutan stuff dried longan dessert


Binh Duong

An Lam Saigon River Resort

2nd prize

1. Lai Thieu mangosteen salad, fried green tea seafood rolls

2. Barramundo curry, served with lotus seed rice

3. Sauté beef fillet in 5-spice & mint sauce, served with stewed tomato, stir fried spinach, and sliced potatoes

4. Pumpkin, pandan leaf, and lotus seed sweet balls

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