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Awards for our "Picking Early Spring Buds" crossword competition

Sunday, 03/20/2016 17:48
On the afternoon of March 19th we chose the winning entries in our “Picking Early Spring Buds” crossword competition. This was organized by representatives of Minh Long I Co. Ltd, Tuoi Tre Newspaper and members of the Golden Spoon Judges. It was financed by Ly’s Horeca.

There were 30 winning readers. Each prize was worth VND 5 million. This comprised of VND 1 million in cash, a coupon to spend at Minh Long, products to the value of VND 2 million and a year’s subscription to all the publications of Tuoi Tre Newspaper. The winners also received a copy of the Tuoi Tre Newspaper Calendar 2017.

Picture: Mr Sang Huy Ly – Vice president of Minh Long I Co. Ltd presenting a prize to one lucky winner

“The Crossword competition is part of the Golden Spoon Contest and was organized by Minh Long I Co. Ltd. Competitors enjoyed entering the competition which also provided information and advice on the use of spices in Vietnamese cuisine as well as knowledge on Vietnamese culinary matters. Mr Ly Huy Sang, vice president of Minh Long I Co. Ltd and director of Ly’s Horeca, acted as an advisor on its compilation.

“The Crossword contest provided interesting information. One answer, for example, helped to explain the use of “Mắc khén”, a key spice used in the northwest of the country, and vital to local dishes. It is used to season fish or meat and brings an authenticity to dishes from this area. “Mắc khén” reminded me of trips taken with my mother to the northwest, to sell items for the family. I have often had the opportunity to sample delicious meals in which the use of “Mắc khén” and also fresh cardamom, was prevalent.” said Ms Ngoc Bich – a reader born in Hanoi, but now living in HCM City.

Picture: Artist – Suong Thi Bui presents awards to readers

“Many professional chefs enthused about the Vietnamese Spices Journey show. Some had traveled through Vietnam on a journey of discovery, learning about spices in different regions, some of which were new to them.” said Mrs Bui Thi Suong, representative of the Golden Spoon Judges.

The “Picking Early Spring Buds” crossword competition was published in Tuoi Tre Newspaper – Money Key in the New Year. Comprising of 16 questions, it attracted the attention of many readers from all over the country. The organizing committee chose 30 readers at random from the correct entries.


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