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Final round and valuable prizes

Thursday, 11/26/2015 14:50
The VND1 billion prize and the Chef Golden Spoon Cup will be awarded to the winning team. Four second prizes of VND100 million each will also awarded upon completion of the final round on December 2nd which will soon be upon us.

After 6 months of exciting competition, the Golden Spoon contest 2015 is reaching its dramatic climax. The final round will take place on December 2nd 2015 at Minh Sang Plaza in Binh Duong province. Accordingly, the highest prizes will be awarded to those chefs judged to have the best cooking techniques and professional attitudes.

In addition to the top prize of VND1 billion, comprised of included VND500,000 in cash and VND500,000 in products, the Golden Spoon Champion will also receive the much valued Golden Spoon Chef Cup. This is a unique piece of artwork designed and made by Minh Long I Co. Ltd. The Golden Spoon Chef Cup is a porcelain figurine of a professional chef with his hands holding spoon covered in 24K gold. This is a priceless piece made by Minh Long I Co. Ltd employing modern techniques, some of which haven’t yet been applied into their full production procedures. It is considered a highly prestigious award given in recognition of the winning chef’s talent.

Picture: Chefs Caravelle The award winner 2014 Golden Spoon

In addition to the cup, the Organizing Committee will also present 4 second prizes to teams who have achieved excellent standards in the following categories: The most creative dish; the most attractively presented dish; the dish with the highest nutritional value and the best adaptation of a unique traditional and rustic dish. This last category looks at the application of modern cooking techniques in modifying recipes, whilst maintaining good presentation, a good balance in nutrition as well as promoting traditional foods in a unique style. Each prize is worth VND100 million made up of VND50 million in cash and VND50 million in products. All teams entering the contest will receive a souvenir from the Golden Spoon Contest.

Until now Golden Spoon Contest is the only professional chef contest in Vietnam with all the prizes in cash.

After 6 months of competition, stretching back to early June 2015, “Hometown taste – Vietnam spices journey” attracted exciting performances from 357 chefs coming from 119 outlets. The restaurant, hotel and tourism sector of 39 provinces from around the country were represented. Of the total 42 team came from 4 or 5 star hotels. In excess of 1400 delicious dishes covering local specialties or dishes which have been adapted as a mix of traditional and modern styles were introduced and promoted. 

The Golden Spoon Contest has a total prize value of VND3 billion and is organized by Minh Long I Co. Ltd and Centre for Business Research and Enterprise Support. It is financed by Ly 's Horeca and under patronage of the national organisations; the Chamber of Commerce - Industry of Vietnam ( VCCI ) and the Administration Vietnam tourism .


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