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Lobster Guide: Claws Converge On Five Islands

Thursday, 03/16/2017 14:04
Lobster paradises scatter the coast of Vietnam, guaranteeing that no matter where you go, it will never end without their snow-white flesh melting in your mouth.

Binh Ba, Khanh Hoa

Located in Cam Ranh Bay and nicknamed Lobster Island, Binh Ba is definitely a paradise for seafood lovers where almost every household has a lobster farm. Thanks to clean saltwater that churns out high-quality lobsters, Binh Ba has emerged as the leading supplier for high-end restaurants all over Vietnam.

The most famous lobster recipe here is grilled with cheese. Lobster meat is paired with the omnipotent dairy that goes well with almost everything on earth. Those who naively remove the head of the lobster are also advised not to do so and instead enjoy the delicious part.

Where to buy: Along Binh Ba dock.

How much: Frozen lobster: VND500,000 ($22) - VND700,000 ($31) per kilogram. Fresh lobster: VND800,000 - VND1.2 million per kilogram.

Binh Hung Island, Khanh Hoa

Boasting one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Khanh Hoa also offers multiple choices for lobster lovers. Binh Hung, just like Binh Ba, also has a prosperous seafood farming industry and offers tourists the chance to fish for themselves and explore the seafood farms.

The island is a lot less crowded than Binh Ba, so the prices are more reasonable.

Where to buy: Binh Hung at the dock.

How much: VND500,000 - VND1 million per kilogram.

Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai

With about 150 lobster farms, it seems that finding these red claws on Ly Son Island is never a problem, and set to a stunning backdrop.

Where to buy: An Hai dock

How much: Small lobster: VND400,000 - VND500,000 per kilogram. Big lobster: VND800,000 - VND1.2 million per kilogram.

Con Dao, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Found only on Con Dao, the red lobster, or fire lobster, are small and only available in the wild. Fire lobster distinguish themselves through juicier meat and clusters of nutrious yellow eggs that grow along their backs.

Where to buy: Con Dao market

How much: The special lobster here claims up to VND1.5 million for a kilogram.

Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan

Literally translated into “prosperous”, Phu Quy Island feature all kinds of seafood such as emperor crab, lobster and moon crab. Lobsters here offer a unique fibrous texture thanks to tendons hidden in the meat. The dish is also served in a variety of ways: steamed, grilled in salad or as soup.

Where to buy: Phu Quy dock, local restaurants.

How much: Fresh lobster: VND500,000 - VND1 million per kilogram.

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