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Eating your way through Vietnam resort town for a mouthwatering $4

Monday, 02/13/2017 12:43
From main dishes to simple snacks, Tuy Hoa offers an array of delicious dishes for bargain prices.

Little rice pancakes “banh can” are a specialty of central Vietnam and a favorite breakfast option in the region. The cakes are cooked by pouring a mixture of rice powder and egg into round clay molds. The rim should be slightly burnt to add flavor to the tasty treat. “Banh can” in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen is served with fish sauce, fried chopped shallots and ground pork. A popular shop on Luong Tan Thinh Street charges around VND10,000 (44 cents) a portion.

Crepes are available for VND1,000 apiece.

 “Banh trang nuong”, often dubbed Vietnamese pizza, is rice paper grilled until crispy with toppings such as egg, cheese and shallots. The best rice paper in Tuy Hoa can be found near Nguyen Hue Park at VND8,000-10,000 apiece.

Grilled corn with fried shallots costs around VND7,000. Tuy Hoa grilled corn is served with fermented fish sauce, but if that is too much, just have it with some salt.

Those who fancy a sweet snack can spend just VND5,000 for grilled bananas coated with sticky rice in a bowl full of coconut juice and peanuts.

A bowl of dry noodles comes with blood pudding soup for only VND12,000.

Many options for a grilled stick on Dong Khoi Street for around VND10,000 apiece.

A snail shop on Le Trung Kien Street charges around VND10,000 a portion.

A VND35,000-bowl of beef noodle soup on Huynh Thuc Khang Street is a perfect choice for supper.

Photos: Dieu Huong

Source: Vy An/ VnExpress


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