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The Magic of Spices and The Golden Spoon contest

Wednesday, 01/25/2017 22:36
General manager of a 5-star resort in Da Nang city sent to The Golden Spoon organization a link to the movie The Mistress of Spices with a message, “The topic this year is The Map of Vietnamese Spices so we’d love to show you a beautiful story about magic of spices”.

Chefs told stories of spices to The Golden Spoon judges.

From magic of Indian spices

The movie began with a mysterious scene: seashore at night, an older and a group of children in Indian traditional white saris murmured.

Each girl took turn to pray it out loud that she would save her life for spices and would not need any love. After that, those girls walked on burnt charcoals by their bare foot as a maturity rite.

Each girl would bring their knowledge and magic of spices to new lands, such as Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Hong Kong to lengthen the existing deep story about Indian spices.

In transition, one of the girls really grew up and become owner of a beautiful huge store of groceries and spices in western America.

Miss World Aishwarya performed excellent acts of passionate and cherish touches with her colorful grains of spices.

Individual stories about how spices heal wounded minds, how to cook egg plants, or how to smash sea salt, cinnamon, and anonymous powders to treat wounds turned “the owner of spices” into Goddess of beauty – legendary Tara.

Figure Tilo brought many different stories about different lives in her world of spices, where every day appeared a new spice, a new scent, a new color, and even a new characteristic.

After all, she totally fulfilled her role as Asian ambassador of spices in a new modern world. Speeches, dances, and movie effects indirectly introduced delicacy and the depth of a whole Asian culture of spices to audiences.

A scene in The Mistress of Spices.

To “Journeys of Vietnamese spices”

Every season of The Golden Spoon is a chance for different parties to gather, such as candidates and their fan clubs, visitors and food lovers, and a special crew that make The Golden Spoon films.

Director Hanh Thuy had been a guest judge in first season and now she is the one who directly makes The Golden Spoon’s footages.

Ms Hanh Thuy always came couple days early with a 2-dozen-members crew to meet candidates who had exotic menus to get more colors for her reports.

Her strict scripts always put aside some spaces for surprises on the way. Moreover, she did live streams on her Facebook to pass live images of cool cooking actions to her friends and followers.

Bitter melon salad with sesame covered cod fish and shrimps rolls, served with Thuy Bieu mulberry sauce.

“In my films, I want to save not only the beauty but also the lives of unique spices that create remarkable and distinguished flavors of elite Vietnamese cuisine”, said the director.

A part of her finishes products have been published on national channels and YouTube but the secrets of “Journeys of Vietnamese spices” have been incubated to wait for the right time before showing to audiences all over the world.

To watch The Golden Spoon contest:

Visitors are welcome at all official venues of The Golden Spoon contests. Moreover, we can watch it by the followings:

Downloading The Golden Spoon Apps: This app is free for all smart phones and tablets running Android and iOS. Do look for “The Golden Spoon” on your apps store.

YouTube: Besides national channels with scheduled broadcasts, YouTube is a convenient access to watch full episodes, short and funny clips. Do look for “The Golden Spoon Awards”.

Facebook of The Golden Spoon: Frequently and quickly updated all developments. Face-bookers can interact with admins and easily watch interesting hot live streams. Do look for “Golden Spoon”.

Personal face books of well-known figures, such as director Hanh Thuy, actor Ha Tri Quang, and food artisan Bui Thi Suong also provide relevant information of the ongoing contest.

Writer: Kien Chinh/TGTT

Translator: Thu Pham

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