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Buu Long Investment and Development Co. Ltd wins second prize

Sunday, 07/05/2015 12:40
Chef: Liem Thanh Nguyen (captain), Phong Duc Nguyen, Hang Thi Nguyen.
Team number 58 - Buu Long Investment and Development Co.Ltd from Dong Nai province

Chef Liem Thanh Nguyen has followed a cooking career after being influenced by family tradition. His parents, brothers and sisters have all taken the same career path. After graduating from the Domestic Science of Pedagogical and Technical University he continued to study cookery at the Saigontourist College of Tourism and Hotels. He is currently responsible for Co Dau restaurant in the Buu Long Tourist area.

Attending the Golden Spoon contest for the second time Chef Lien, born in 1981, said that the scale and nature of the contest was impressive and therefore the requirements and competition posed for contestants had increased a lot. This contest has helped him gain significant experience, especially the use of local spices, a new concept.

Although admitting feeling the pressure, the 14 years of experience of Chef Liem and his team of chefs from Dong Nai Province, finally delivered an impressive menu comprising 4 courses: “Xá lị” salad; deep fried grapefruit stems and breadfruit with sauce made of passion fruit; gourd, with steamed rice and pigeon meat- baby clam soup with aloe vera; sweet soup with Water chestnut.

The unique nutritional values began straight away with the appetizers. The chefs started with a special vegetarian dish called “Gỏi xá lị” that was created using chayote (a type of gourd), beetroot, kohlrabi bulbs and potato. The secret is the sauce which was made of guava juice with a very specific aroma and a little added fish sauce.

The “Breadfruit Parcels” served with passion fruit sauce is a creative way of using common fruit to present very special dishes. Breadfruit is cut into very thin slices. Duck and water chestnuts are finely diced and a small amount of young ginger is added. This is then seasoned and mixed and placed in the center of the breadfruit. Breadfruit is used to form a small parcel and this is tied with chives. These resemble small money bags; they are fried tied up with chives then colored yellow by using magenta

The grapefruit stems are take on Tan Trieu grapefruit which is very popular in Vietnam. Even the grapefruit peel, is used by chefs to make desserts, salads and especially rolls. The grapefruit peel is processed by cutting off the green layer, keeping the pith then boiling in water mixed a little bit alum to eliminate any tartness. After draining and drying it is spread out thinly then rolled with a seafood mixture that includes squid, featherback fish and pepper. It is then battered and fried.

Elite teacher and professional judge Choi Thi Trieu commented, “This is a good menu, whilst all the ingredients are very common, all the dishes delivered delicious and new tastes. The appetizers were extremely tasty with a good balance of spices. The guava sauce was a little too sweet and a reduction of sugar would have improved the dish. Congratulations, you made a menu which is not only delicious but also very nutritious.

Outlet: Buu Long Investment and Development Co.Ltd

Address: No.4, Huynh Van Nghe St, Buu Long Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province

Tel: 0618 850 023 - 0613 951 255 - Fax: 0613952725 - Hotline: 0974 191 575 (Mr. Hanh)


Buu Long Investment and Development Co.Ltd directly manage and operate the Buu Long Tourist area. This has many activities such as tour operation for sightseeing; recreational pursuits such as pedalos and boats etc; accommodation; and refreshments for tourist and visitors.

Du Long Restaurant can accommodate 350 guests and was built in a style that combines European culture with that of Vietnamese. The restaurant specializes in hosting conferences, meetings, banquets and weddings party in its well designed open space close to Long An lake. It presents new and attractive dishes to satisfy its customers. Co Dau restaurant, located in Buu Long Tourist, area can accommodate 1000 guests and also specialized in hosting luxury wedding parties.

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